Dharma continued…

“The small coincidences in life which can lead to some unexpected developments that accelerate the path you're on… are perhaps confirmation that you are on the right track.

After teaching a class at the Power Yoga Company one of the students (and a fellow teacher) told me about a 2-day Insight yoga workshop, by Sarah Powers which was due to be held at TriYoga Camden. Sarah's workshops are usually fully booked as she is an amazing teacher who has written the brilliant book Insight Yoga - however there was space and so I was able to go last minute. The workshop was enriching, educational, grounding, spiritual, insightful and it spurred me on to accelerate my learning process so I booked a space on her silent retreat in Italy later this year. It also nudged me to find a yoga therapy teacher training course which had been my ambition ever since I started teaching yoga. The course I really wanted to attend was at  a place in Massachusetts called Kripalu. Also the place where Stephen Cope (the author of some wonderful books, look on the Insights page for more) resides as senior yoga teacher.

A lot of stars needed to align for the pieces to fall into place - but they did and I was accepted into the program and my boss approved a short sabbatical. This will bring me a step closer to my quest to leave the city and get a healthier life doing yoga full time both teaching and Thai Yoga Massage. I've already devoured one of the books on my reading list ('Why zebras don't get ulcers') which is a brilliant insight in the effects of stress on the body and has deepened my understanding of how my personality might influence my general health. I am very much enjoying the learning process. Those butterflies kick-starting the small changes are now firmly residing in my stomach; full of nervous excited energy.”

Now after a hectic 5 nights in New York city for a work visit, I spent 2 nights at the beautiful home of my friends Sam & Lou (and Tom & Manon) in Old Greenwich. The seabreeze, easy living, good food and fun eased me into the transition to Kripalu, where Sam dropped me off on Sunday. Stunning scenery of rolling green hills, the most amazing trees and flowers all surrounding a big lake.... my heart is just full of gratitude... how lucky am I? Can’t wait for the course to start, until then I’m treating myself to some slow yoga sesseion, a sauna, massage and a long soak in the bath. Bliss! For more pictures and stories see my BellyFullOfYoga facebook page..