Silent - Listen

Tomorrow I am going to a wonderful place called Mandali in Italy, next to Lake Como where Sarah Powers together with her husband Ty will be teaching a 5-day Yin/insight yoga silent retreat.

I am so excited to be learning from Sarah; I studied her book Insight Yoga during my Yin course with Sarah Lo and I attended a 2-day workshop with her at the start of the year and her wisdom and teaching made a great impact on me. The silent part is a little daunting, but I think it will be very healthy for me to switch off my phone, be silent and listen to my body and mind. To properly pay attention and tune in to emotions and feelings which normally don’t get attention as the speed and shininess of the outside world overshadow the subtleness of the internal world.

I will be doing yoga and meditation most of the day surrounded by what looks like a beautiful scenery. I am curious what it will do for my health; my anaemia has been worsening over the past few weeks and the tiredness is relentless and making meditation difficult… unfortunately the first availability for an iron infusion is next week. Hopefully it won’t impact things too much and I get to enjoy the experience to its fullest.



And a lot of letting go.