Happiness equation

I feel I have been so lucky this year with all my teachers; first there was my month-long yoga therapy course at Kripalu, with its many fantastic teachers, then I got to spend a glorious week in Samos for my advanced Thai yoga massage course, where I met some wonderful people - including Mina Semyon who is an inspirational yoga teacher who has been teaching for almost 50 years. She taught some us some amazing classes while in Samos, beautiful in their simplicity. All that learning about yoga and massage has been feeding my soul; I feel more grounded and more connected and it encourages me to practice and study more.

Last Tuesday I attended an ActionForHapiness event featuring a lecture from Mo Gawdat, who has written the book Solve for Happy (see my insights page). It’s an insightful book which I liken to yoga philosophy as it teaches us about the illusion of the ego and the self, it teaches about suffering and what makes people happy or rather what makes them unhappy. As Mo says that everyone is born happy but when we are taught to conform, to analyse and spend a lot of time in our heads in ‘doing mode’ rather than being in our bodies in ‘being mode’. The equation states that happiness is the difference of your perception of events and your expectations of how life should behave. If you expect more than you perceive to get, the inner dialogue will increase and it’s hardwired to be negative and judgemental and this loop will continue to feed itself. Practicing gratitude is a powerful tool to counter this. His mission is #onebillionhappy check it out here

I had completely forgotten that I had sent Mo an email in November of last year, just saying I really enjoyed his book, that it reminded me of yoga and that I absolutely love yoga. I hadn’t heard anything (as he does receive a lot of emails) until yesterday when he sent me an email… what a coincidence that he did this literally 3 days after I went to hear him speak in London. Serendipity. He said he looked at my website and was honoured that I put his book on my webpage. I am still smiling about this….

And then in 2 weeks I get to go to Italy on a silent retreat with Sarah Powers (whom I saw in a workshop in March) who wrote the book Insight Yoga. I am a bit nervous about the silence, but also know it is exactly what I need; to delve deeper into my meditation practice and to learn from Sarah in the process (silent = listen). I count my blessings! Stephen Cope (writer and resident at Kripalu, see my insights page) wrote about the book: “Sarah Powers brings us a truly brilliant integration of yin and yang yoga, mindfulness, Buddhist philosophy and psychology, and the genius of traditional Chinese medicine. In less skillful hands this might be overwhelming, but Powers’ work is a marvel of lucidity—presenting very complex ideas and practices with the kind of straightforwardness that makes them easy to digest. This book belongs in the library of every serious practitioner of yoga and meditation.”

My Darhma in action.