Belly Full Of Yoga was born!

Today has gone live. My wonderful teacher Mona has helped me to get started and it is fabulous, I can't stop smiling. After struggling through the end of 2015, this year has been an incredible turning point; never could I have imagined that I would become a yoga teacher and that I actually would start teaching yoga at my place of work.

More than that, I think my experiences over the past decade or so, are now being combined into something more purposeful, where I might be able to help other people. It would be great if I could reach out to people who might be struggling and who could really benefit from discovering yoga, but might be intimidated by studios or yoga in general. For some it might be too physical for others perhaps not physical enough and too 'floaty'?

The wonderful thing about yoga is that you can take out if it exactly what you need. But you need to try it. So for those of you, who for whatever reason can't make it to a class, I want to record postures, sequences and advice in general. So watch this space!