Thai yoga massage - advanced course

Samos, Greece - September 2018

Hello lovely bunch of people, below a collection of pictures, tips and most importantly the videos from Kira’s classes. Kira you are an amazing teacher and inspire us all - the love you have for TYM is contagious.. and we love leg-lines! 

**** Please respect that all the recordings should only be used by Kira’s students and are not to be shared ****

Mina, your yoga classes were beautiful in their simplicity yet challenging and deep, and you are such an inspiration for all us yogis. Mina’s email is

Guillermo, the passion of your musicality was shining through when we did the singing circle, I hope to one day join you all for ‘the second week’ in Samos. Click here for Guillermo’s blog. At his website ’s home page, at the bottom of News, you can subscribe to his Mailchimp newsletter : visit

Mishka, Ana, Maya, Dave, Geoff and Bob you completed the wonderful experience for us all. Thank you so much!!


Day 1


pages 1-4

  • palming the feet

  • thumbing extra points for internal organs

  • thumbing extra line for internal organs

  • thumbing points on sole of the foot

  • thumbing points on dorsum of foot

  • points on outside of foot

Feet (14:22)

Leg lines

pages 5-7

  • double thumbing technique

  • thumb on thumb technique

  • with kick

  • using knee on 1st and 2nd outside lines

  • squatting using heels on 1st outside lines

Leg lines (21:34)

Single leg stretches

pages 8-13

  • blood stop with foot

  • thumbing extra line for internal organs

  • blood stop to arms and legs

  • half lotus stretch + relaxing ankle stretch

  • opening the coconut on thigh

  • pulling thigh + thumbing back of thigh

  • the twisted twist + simple side position twist

single leg stretches - part one (20:47)

Day 2

Single leg stretches (cont’d)

pages 8- 18

  • recap above incl. Russian dance & tiger drinking water

  • knee in thigh

  • tea break from front and elbow groin

  • working 3rd lines lower and upper leg

  • working abdomen

  • washing machine

  • blood stop in tendon stretch and looking cool with push and pull

single leg stretches continued (14:17)

Single leg stretches (last part)

pages 18-22

  • stronger three way hip stretches

  • adding calf pressure

  • paddle boat

  • leg-pull

  • toes on buttock and pull foot

  • da-dum with knee

  • stronger calf-stretch squatting over thigh

single leg stretches last bit (19:17)

Double leg stretches

pages 23-30

  • plough with straight arms and thumbing 3rd inside branch

  • double da-dum

  • rocking chair

  • pre-Spanish with knee and pull Ow

  • sit-ups

  • walking on thighs in double farang aid

  • Gareth’s happy finish and Zoltan’s wobble

double leg stretches (16:32)

Day 3

Single leg and double leg stretch recap

pages 15-30

recap from Russian doll to Zoltan’s wobble

recap single and double leg stretches (26:56)

Stomach, chest and arms

pages 31-36

  • working abdomen with foot

  • blood stop to abdomen

  • positions for working abdomen

  • thumbing between the ribs

  • extra 2 inside arm lines and elbow in shoulder point

  • blood stop arm with foot and working arm

  • pre-surrender working backlines and surrender

stomach, chest and arms (27:02)

Side position part 1

pages 37-42

  • walking on the sole of the foot

  • thumbing the sole of the foot

  • stretching the ankle

  • Spanish inquisition

  • working the foot of the bent leg

  • clicking toes

  • leg lines

side position (23:57)

Day 4

side position part 2 (39:01)

Side position part 2 (pregnancy)

pages 42-52

side position part 2 - other side (15:49)

  • paddleboat leg stretch

  • thigh squeeze and leg stretch

  • working the abdomen

  • palming and thumbing the arm lines

  • back walking in side position

  • palming and thumbing the back lines

  • working the shoulder, neck and arm

  • heel in shoulder and angle wings

Day 5

final side position (18:24)

More side position (if not pregnant)

pages 55-59

  • blood stop side position

  • looking cool with push and pull

  • kidney stretches

  • lifting twist with knee on boomerang

  • lap stretches (4 variations)

same sequence other side (10:01)

November weekend at Kira’s

Back of Body

pages 60-74

  • working feet and ankles

  • sit on feet and lift knees

  • calf press

  • back walking

  • working buttocks

  • back lines

  • working shoulders

  • heels on shoulders


pages 75-86

  • pressing shoulder point shead movement

  • elbow in points

  • opposite bow and arrow

  • shoulder stretch, neck rotation

  • working lines on the neck and head

  • stretching sides - working neck

  • arm pull

  • knees in kidneys surrender, aeroplane

Kira’s neck massage

Head to one side working 1st, 2nd and 3rd line

Kira’s weird and wonderful wobbly thing and neck stretch

Overview of the Sen lines

Run through of Sen lines; started filming as Kira was talking through Sen Sumana

Moments captured…

I loved reading the yoga stories for healthy living and have started the centipede… amazing!

If you would like to contact Mina her email is:

Mina sings; I recorded this on Tuesday evening so some of you missed this… apologies for the shoddy video work, lovely singing though!

Singing circle, Wednesday 19 September (19:01)


And all the talent…

The Samos boys



More Maya



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Sarah’s magic

Mina & Kira

Bob’s necessities, I am SO sorry about this video… missed most of the magic!